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Is There Any Value?

5 Ways To Determine if it is Even Worth The Time and Effort?

by CL Reed

On any given weekend, there are numerous conventions, gatherings, conferences, networking events, presentations or parties. How do you decide if what is being offered is of value to your personal or professional growth? Are any of the main deciding factors finances, scheduling or lack of interest?

Without having attended that particular event before, it’s difficult to determine the ROI of your time or cost of ticket, travel, accommodation and gas. There are several factors involved when rolling the dice of event attendance. It’s truly not a crap shoot (pun intended) …

  1. Who is the Host? Is their name in good standing in the community and are they a person of integrity? Note, I didn’t say, “are they popular?”
  2. Location of the Event – This should not be a large consideration in your decision making as to whether to attend the event. Trust that your host made every effort to ensure that the location, parking and facilities was adequate to accommodate the planned event. With that said, there is always something we can find to complain about.
  3. Event Presenter(s)/Speaker(s) – Although you want to be sure that you are going to hear from good, sound, educated in their professed forum, entertaining and engaging, quality individuals, don’t be star struck and cliquish. Keep in mind that there is a lot of “local” talent that can “bring it”!
  4. Support Your Fellow Being – Event Hosts work long and hard to bring you a quality product. Honor their desire to serve up the best possible, quality event by actively engaging, inviting, sharing, attending and purchasing your and your cohorts’ ticket(s) in quantity and early! Late ticket purchase and lack of information sharing (promotion) causes events to be less successful or even canceled because deposits, deadlines and vendors cannot be satisfied.
  5. YOU…NEED…TO…BE…THERE! Go to give…not to get!

So, the next time you are weighing your ROI to attend an event, make this your year of “YES”. Go into every event opportunity with a positive attitude and openness and you will be extremely surprised on the return you receive.

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