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  • Networking 101: Knowing The Competition

    by CL Reed Haters! How often have you heard this term? I believe people that use this term spend more time worrying about what people think and who’s following and watching ...

  • Is There Any Value?

    5 Ways To Determine if it is Even Worth The Time and Effort? by CL Reed On any given weekend, there are numerous conventions, gatherings, conferences, networking events, presentations or parties. How ...

  • [VIDEO] Thought Provoking Thursday – Networking Gold

    A Slow Dime Beats A Fast Nickel!

  • Nurture What You Want To Grow

    MENTORING MONDAY: What and how you nurture isn’t just about parenting or a mother to child relationship.  Being a Mentor is also an avenue and opportunity to nurture.  Fatherless young men, ...

  • Undigested Knowledge

    FRUITION FRIDAY What Do You Do With the Knowledge You Obtain? In his book on language, British diplomat Lancelot Oliphant (1881–1965) observed that many students give correct answers on tests but fail ...

  • Leadership From The Bottom

    TEACHABLE TUESDAY: Where Did You Learn Your Leadership Style? Leading individuals is not hard when things are going well, or in your mind, the way you want them to go. The true ...

  • Do You Possess Leader Qualities?

    FRUITION FRIDAY: Leaders Are Made Great leaders are not born, they are made. How are they made?  A great leader is created by first being pliable, a repository, a student of a master ...

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