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Eat to Live vs. Living to Eat


Over the course of the upcoming weeks, the SCBBE Team will embark upon a movement to eat to live versus living to eat or as we like to say, “growing green” starting with small changes such as growing fresh produce in our own container garden. Even through the winter months, we are beginning with seedlings in our window garden, small pot containers. We are going to practice what we preach. We will not be denying ourselves what is considered “comfort food” in the Black Community but we will learn better portion control and observe the Push Away Diet mentality (push away from the table).

Making Small Strides in Eating to Live

The Black Community is greatly suffering from Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Diabetes and a host of other ailments and diseases that can be avoided, managed or treated with a simple plan to eat and live healthier lives. Take that first small step with us. Let’s be the change we want to see in our Community.

Lemon Seed Plant – Week 3
PLANT2”lemon plant week 3
Lemon Seed Plant – Week 6
PLANT3”lemon plant week 6
Lemon Seed Plant – Week 9
PLANT”lemon plant week 9
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