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Small Changes Challenge



Challenging You To Make Small Changes

Last week we stated that the Southern California Black Business Expo Team would be starting a container garden to encourage healthier eating habits and also, just beautifying our Community.


Remember, It’s The Small Ripple That Makes A Big Wave

Throughout last week, we recommended some small changes to you such as gently guiding the ambitions of the Youth (Mentoring Monday), giving back and taking care of your Community (Teachable Tuesday), making small positive changes to your health to ward off and thwart diseases prevalent in the Black Community (Wisdom Wednesday), learn to listen and become teachable (Thought Provoking Thursday) and then finally on Friday we encouraged you to start a little change in your journey with just speaking to your next door neighbor (if you don’t already – Fruition Friday) as a way to develop your future platform for speaking to the masses.

SMALL CHANGES4 from-fat-to-thin

Set Out Daily to Make A Small Change

The Southern California Black Business Expo Team members strive each day to travel a little bit further in our journey to make small changes. Often time people become discouraged and stop dead in their tracks of progress because (like loosing weight), they don’t see an immediate result or impact from their efforts and hard work. They don’t feel successful or encouraged to keep moving forward when there is a lull or plateau.


Small Efforts Equals Successful Results

Sports, Music, Dance, Art, Writing all have the same thing in common, constant practice and continual efforts equal results. Success is not only measured in dollars and cents and the big picture. Overcoming and conquering small daily tasks and skirmishes equates to success.  We see large groups in the media and in our Black Community protesting (sometimes rioting) and moving the Black civil rights platform forward. Keep in mind, that is “their” calling. Everyone is not called to protest or be ‘on the front line’. Every single solitary role is critical and just as important to our cause as are the front-liners. Don’t ever feel useless, overwhelmed or discouraged because you can’t march or protest. Do your part to your best ability by simply staring with a daily, small change that will impact your Community, like maintaining your property (owned or rented), speaking or smiling to your neighbor, checking in on a neighbor you haven’t seen for some time (particularly the elderly, widowed or single parent), if you can do repairs – throw in a few for free or at very low-cost, shovel someone else’s driveway or car out of a space, park farther away (and get some exercise) so that someone else can park closer, recirculate your Black dollars in the Black Community with a Black business (virtual or bricks and mortar).

What Small Changes Do You Suggest?

We would like to know some of the small changes you are making in your Community. Please contact us at and share some of your ideas and current actions. We would like to share your suggestions with our Community.

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