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  • Rihanna Engaged

    Not like jumping the broom engaged, but social media engaged (connected to her audience). She has mastered connecting on social media and has millions of followers. She utilizes social media ...

  • Beyoncé: Five Fabulous Social Media Strategies Used by Queen B

    1. Give your audience what they want Beyoncé posts pictures of herself, family, and gives her audience a glimpse of her work. Her fans engage by liking, commenting, and sharing her ...

  • Critic’s Corner (Suggested Viewing)

    Video/Movie Name Link The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin) The Big Short Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Documentary

  • Reading (Audio) Room

    Book Name Author Name How The Poor Can Save Capitalism John Hope Bryant Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill The Miseducation of the Negro Cater G. Woodson

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