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Younger Leadership


Leadership is rarely handed over to someone young because when we are younger, we tend to give much time and attention to our personal immediate gratification – at the cost and with no regard for how it impacts others.

Proof Is In the Pudding

Often, Training Day and the proving ground for an upcoming generation’s ability to lead is through home training and organized groups such as Scouts, Clubs, Sports, School and Volunteer opportunities.  These avenues generally promote a healthy environment for learning the importance of leadership skills and qualities, how to interact with individuals and teams positively and how to make sound decisions for the greater good.



A Lot To Be Said

There is still a lot to be said for a good leader’s maturity (chronological and experience) level. But in concert with a solid Mentor’s oversight, a mature leadership approach can be had early on by someone young, especially if a Mentor is honing in on and massaging an already innate behavior possessed by their young Mentee.  If all instruction and guidance is well received and practiced, the sky’s limit is infinite and will only get better as the young leader becomes more seasoned.  Proper grooming and given many opportunities to come along side a seasoned Mentor will better equip the youth to be suited and in place to assume the helm of politics, governments, corporations, states, local cities and townships.


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