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Teachable Teacher

THOUGHT PROVOKING THURSDAY: Even though you are an adult, are you teachable? Did your parent(s) ever say to you, “A hard head makes for a soft behind”? Let those words marinate for just a moment.


Basically You’re On Repeat and Not Teaching

Even as we mature, we are never too old to learn and grow. When we stop growing, we are dead and no longer useful. Sometimes it is necessary for the Teacher to be taught so that they may continue to learn and grow and so that they may gift to the teachable (which everyone is not), the information originally disseminated to them. Just like a belly button, everyone has an opinion. Just like that same belly button, it’s not always appropriate to share it with others. Learn to listen when you have the urge to offer your opinion or input. Realize it’s not always your time to shine, share, show what you know, prove that you are intelligent or one up someone. Understand that knowledge is universal and graciously given by the Creator and that you are not the only one that can shed light on a situation.


If You Are Talking You’re Not Teaching and You Are Not Listening

Learn to listen or otherwise you will begin to be seen as obnoxious and arrogant and not particularly intelligent – would you want to be around someone like that for any length of time? Specifically, if you are attending a Southern California Black Business Expo on Tour 2015-2016 Business to Business Networking event, would you want to be cornered or held hostage by someone that is a poor listener? Teacher, try listening before fulfilling the urge to jump in and teach. You never know what new material and information you can garner.

Is There Hope For Teachable?

Teach The 8 Commandments of Listening


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