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Don’t Follow The Rats


Follow the Leader.

Follow your heart.

Follow my lead.

Follow through.

Follow in my footsteps.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road…

Follow: (verb) go or come after; move or travel behind

You never know who is watching you and when. The impact you can have on someone else may never be revealed to you but know that your words, your ways and your actions are perpetually under a microscope, particularly in this day and age of social media.

Often people believe our leadership and mentoring doesn’t begin until we complete an official certificated program or course or have received a degree in a specific subject matter. The truth is, we are leaders and mentors from the day we take our first breath and until we take our last. Intentional or not, we are all teachers (leaders and mentors) – negative or positive – and have an impact on the lives of people we come in contact with.

At some basic level we are all Leaders and Mentors but there are those that purposely choose to be in the spotlight or feel it’s their calling as a profession. Should this be the position or calling you desire, then you must also assume the lot and parcel of responsibility and representation that goes along with being a Leader and Mentor. That lot and parcel includes appearance, attitude and interaction with others, walking the walk and not just talking the talk, showing your human side, compassion and vulnerability and knowing how to carry yourself at all times all while continuously representing this mantle.


Apples Don’t Frall (fall & roll) Far

Do you want people to follow you based on your professionalism or your materialism. What image are you projecting to your Mentees. What is it exactly that you want to convey to them while you stand before them in your designer label apparel and accessories? Do you want them to listen to and follow your words or only aspire to your level of bling? Is that the maximum amount of your “shine”? Are you teaching them to feed themselves for a life time or are you just hosting over-priced hyped up events and showing them how to eat for a day?

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a life time.”


The Pied Piper Was Followed By A Bunch of Rats

Mentees – when looking for someone to aspire to be most like, seek out a true individual with a pure intent that never stops working on improving the inside of them self – not just the outside. Look for someone with many of those leadership qualities that we have been discussing in the past few weeks, an individual that works well in teams, is compassionate, vulnerable, a good listener, can rally the troops if need be and is committed to serving their community – not someone who is self-serving!


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