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Challenged Leadership


When The Going Gets Tough – The Tough Have Been Challenged

A really good leader is created through the rough and tumble culmination of life experiences and from having their armor challenged/tested.  The lack of hard-won challenges will not permit an individual to curate and cultivate the needed skills to bring about good leadership qualities. The testing of patience, endurance and ability to empathize requires a person’s valor to be personally tested in those areas.  An individual that simply goes through the motions because of learned exercises (i.e., reading material experience), will probably not be of the highest ranking in the leadership pool.  They will have the head knowledge, but not the heart and personal experience knowledge.


The Challenge: Wisdom Is Key

If you get nothing else, get understanding – then your decisions and leadership style will be well honed, effective and appreciated. Never follow a self-professed leader that has not been challenged and come through diversity specific to your objectives.  Would you trust an overweight doctor or a divorced marriage therapist? Let’s just say, they probably wouldn’t be your first choice. Now granted, there are those individuals that have come through some pretty challenging situations because it was a part of their training day and proving ground (Mentoring Monday), but they are the exceptions, not the norm.  Also keep in mind that everyone is not meant to be a leader just because they assume or are thrust into the position.  Sit back and vet how they handle adverse or stressful situations. What is their response time, their pro-action versus reaction? Are they analytical, methodical, curious or self-promoting and destructive? These are just a few of the things that should be used as a benchmark for determining your own and others ability to be a good leader.

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