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CAAASA: Unity Has Always Been The Journey Toward A Sustaining Solutions

There has been a consistent observation of an achievement gap throughout this era of “No Child Left Behind” and the “Public School Accountability Act”. The Local Control Accountability Plans are an additional effort to support targeted groups with a focus and resources. The California Association of African American Superintendents and Administrators have been at the forefront of best practices, administrative training and professional development that can address the needs of the African American student. While Districts statewide continue to acknowledge the achievement gap of the African American student and the disparities in expulsion, suspension, graduation and drop-out rates most address the data in isolation and non research based practices.

Unity has always been the journey toward sustaining solutions. For the second year in a row an historical number of organizations are uniting with The California Association of African American Superintendents and Administrators known as CAAASA to unite to address the needs of our deserving students of color by examining landmark cases, sharing research based best practices, establishing a united voice, committing to action and providing the state of art training to all educator and stakeholder groups that will propel achievement for students of color. CAAASA also embraces the support for Latino students and all underperforming youth.

Some of the organizations that join CAAASA on this journey include ACSA, CTA, PTA, CESEA, CSBA, CABE, CALSA, NCUE,CDE, SBE, …………… This is the first time that this mega group has co sponsored this mega professional development. This convergence will be held in San Diego , California, March 11-13 Hearings, Scholars in Residency presentations, over 65 workshops on best practices, professional development on Common Core State Standards and Local Control Funding Formula will take place. Special attention will be given to health issues and the impact of attendance and truancy on education.

Dr.Judy D. White welcomes the opportunity to build on the strength of the original founders. Her vision is to accelerate the actions that lead to the closing of the achievement gap for students of color and to engage all organizations that have been created to support stakeholder groups with a united mission , approach and agreed on measureable results. A commitment to results and the elimination of excuses and competitiveness can and will be the expectation of this new journey. “Excellence on Purpose” and being a “History Maker and Stereotype Breaker” has been the mantra of Dr. Judy White.

The Professional Development Summit is the beginning of a unified partnership. CAAASA will spearhead a retreat for further discussion and the finalization of targeted common goals. The purpose of this unified approach is to ensure sustainable solutions on this journey. We are not motivated by improving data, we are motivated by saving lives. We reflect on Dr.Larry Lezotteā€™s quote “We must pursue learning for all, not because it is politically expedient but because there is no such thing as an expendable child.”

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