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Do You Possess Leader Qualities?


Leaders Are Made

Great leaders are not born, they are made. How are they made?  A great leader is created by first being pliable, a repository, a student of a master teacher and possessing a willingness to embrace the characteristics of a servant. If you are handed a leadership position (as in familial succession situations), you are not necessarily the best candidate for the role. Although you may have been groomed and trained in how to rule, you have absolutely no reference on how to manage, interact with and get the best results from those you are leading.

Leader of The Ranks

Coming up through the ranks and learning an environment from beginning to end and developing empathy for the entity that you will be leading is not mandatory but it is critical if you desire to be the best possible leader that you can be. Notice the shift in leadership style and priorities once the “Undercover Boss” rolls up their sleeves and truly understands what is at stake in tweaking, growing, improving and advancing their business endeavors further.

Can You Lead The Team To The Next Level?

Many people want to immediately jump into a lead position whether it’s running a business or speaking to the masses (Fruition Friday 1-29-16) but are not willing to go through some personal challenges and character strengthening/building episodes to get there.  As a current or potential leader, take the time to not only mentor (Mentoring Monday) but be mentored and continuously teachable (Teachable Tuesday). Then and only then will you be invaluable to your Community and can see the fruits of your labor of being the change you want to see in your Community.  Take time to learn from the simplest moments, actions and endeavors. Mimic the good you see in others and that others do – this is #TRUE leadership! Leading by example.

Share Your Small Changes & Leadership Tips

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