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  • Don’t Follow The Rats

    #MENTORINGMonday: Follow the Leader. Follow your heart. Follow my lead. Follow through. Follow in my footsteps. Follow the Yellow Brick Road… Follow: (verb) go or come after; move or travel behind You never know who is watching you ...

  • Undigested Knowledge

    FRUITION FRIDAY What Do You Do With the Knowledge You Obtain? In his book on language, British diplomat Lancelot Oliphant (1881–1965) observed that many students give correct answers on tests but fail ...

  • Challenged Leadership

    THOUGHT PROVOKING THURSDAY: When The Going Gets Tough – The Tough Have Been Challenged A really good leader is created through the rough and tumble culmination of life experiences and from having ...

  • Younger Leadership

    WISDOM WEDNESDAY: Leadership is rarely handed over to someone young because when we are younger, we tend to give much time and attention to our personal immediate gratification – at the ...

  • Leadership From The Bottom

    TEACHABLE TUESDAY: Where Did You Learn Your Leadership Style? Leading individuals is not hard when things are going well, or in your mind, the way you want them to go. The true ...

  • Mentees Have An Obligation To Their Mentors (Leader)

    MENTORING MONDAY: Are You Leader Material? As a Mentor (Leader, Guide), I can only give my Mentee the options and rationale behind why I made the decisions I made and how they worked ...

  • Do You Possess Leader Qualities?

    FRUITION FRIDAY: Leaders Are Made Great leaders are not born, they are made. How are they made?  A great leader is created by first being pliable, a repository, a student of a master ...

  • Speak To The Masses

    FRUITION FRIDAY: Lay The Foundation In Order To Speak To The Masses Everyone wants to be on a stage, behind a podium, the facilitator of a TED Talk and speaking to hundreds ...

  • Teachable Teacher

    THOUGHT PROVOKING THURSDAY: Even though you are an adult, are you teachable? Did your parent(s) ever say to you, “A hard head makes for a soft behind”? Let those words ...

  • CAAASA: Unity Has Always Been The Journey Toward A Sustaining Solutions

    There has been a consistent observation of an achievement gap throughout this era of “No Child Left Behind” and the “Public School Accountability Act”. The Local Control Accountability Plans ...

  • What is AVID & How Could It Help Your Child?

    Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID), is a college readiness system for elementary through secondary education that was developed by Mary Catherine Swanson in 1980 in San Diego CA. The program ...

  • Why Upward Bound & How It Prepares Our Youth?

    The Upward Bound Program has a rich history dating back to 1964 and continues to open the door of opportunity and access to higher education for eligible students across the ...

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