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E-Commerce to the Rescue

E-Commerce is the third best industry for starting a business, according to USAToday’s list of Top 5 Industries for 2017. It is an industry that anyone, and I mean anyone, can start for just a very small investment. Some “Ecompreneurs” start with less than $50 and go to yard sales or thrift stores to find little treasures they can turn for a profit, while others start for several hundred dollars and buy items from overseas.

Importing items from overseas has become a very simple process with the speed of the internet and modern technology. A laptop and a cell phone comprise the complete business office of many importing Ecompreneurs.

They simply do a search for a product, find it from an overseas company, then contact that company via What’sApp or email, complete their purchase and have the items sent to their home where they are able tore-sell it online or via one of the many selling apps. Gone are the days of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to open a business that will probably not profit within the first 3 years or which, statistically will be closed by the end of the first 5years. For those individuals willing to think outside the box and put a little sweat equity into their week instead of watching t.v. for 2 hours per day, this may be a gem of a possibility!

I was able to start my E-comm business with $800 and turn that into over $80,000 within one year’s time. It was actually one of the most exciting and fun projects I have ever done and it has proven to be an amazing, life-changing and family-changing journey.

There‚Äôs a quote that says “What you do today affects seven generations into the future.” What are you doing to ensure the financial well-being of your great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren??

Author Information

**Dr. Kelli is a mother, author, educator, investor and now Ecompreneur. She offers coaching courses and even trips overseas to learn how to start your own business and build the wealth you and your family deserve! For more information contact her at or (909) 957-2327

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