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$1,000,000 Questions

Significant positive changes in the Black community will not occur if you do not use your economic, political and religious power. Recycling the Black dollar in the Black community is an integral piece of the puzzle when it comes to gaining RESPECT, and encouraging VITALITY and GROWTH.

Holding those elected officials that you voted into office accountable to their campaign promises is significant when it comes to the integrity of our representatives and to see Black people represented adequately.

Our religious leaders and churches used to be the backbone of the community. It was where news, politics, resources and team work was established. But that legacy was abandoned a long time ago and diverted to non-community interest. Getting involved to make the Black community a cohesive and progressive unit must be addressed in many areas. As a start, below are some questions you should be asking of yourself and your community leaders:


  1. Are you actively seeking Black businesses to recycle your Black dollars with?
  2. Are you on any boards, volunteering in community organizations and activities or attending any school or community meetings to voice your opinion?


At the meetings of City, County, Municipality and School Districts

  1. What are the standard policies and procedures for contact and outreach to Black Businesses for Request For Proposals (RFPs)?
  2. What media vehicles do you use to contact and outreach Black Businesses?
  3. Does the Facilities Management Department do their own RFPs or is it also done through the Purchasing Department?
  4. How many new vendors have been added in the last five years?
  5. Will the Board set policy to contact or outreach Blacks and other minority businesses?


  1. What are we doing outside of the church building regarding outreach to impact/strengthen our community?
  2. How is it determined where we do our banking?
  3. What financial institution(s) do we have the church account(s) with?
  4. Are Black individuals and businesses getting loans from those financial institution(s)?
  5. What is the advantage or value to the Black community to have our account(s) with that particular financial institution(s)?
  6. When is the next church financial meeting?

Once you have asked these questions, if you are not satisfied that the answer serves the Black community appropriately, you have several options available to you to bring about change. They are:

  1. Give your leadership a set amount of time to address your concerns.
  2. Monitor stated commitments and ensure follow through in a timely manner.
  3. Do not re-elect current political representative if they are not meeting the Black community objectives and campaign promises.
  4. Take your tithes (economic power) to an organization that will re-invest into the Black community.
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