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Goal Attainment

Be the Fuel/Fire Someone Needs Toward Their Goal Attainment

Many a goal is truly simple in nature yet may seem complex to the outside observer. Even if you personally know that a particular goal or dream will be a complete flop – support the individual anyway.  Support can come in the form of finances, babysitting, house cleaning, meal prep, errand running, coming to their events, sponsoring their event or product, pushing/promoting their products or event or just being a listening ear or encourager.

Lid-Like Behavior

How do you smother a fire? You put a lid on it, deprive it of oxygen or contain it. Do you know why the cleaning product is called 409? Because it took 408 attempts to get the product just the way they wanted it.  Edison tried and failed to invent the light bulb he wanted, 100 times. Michael Jordan has often said:

I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

Fire Hose Mentality

We all know the only purpose of a fire hose is to put out a fire. If you cannot find it within yourself to be supportive in the most minimal of positive ways – then don’t share your sentiments with the one trying to obtain a particular goal. That person already knows what the problem is – they need those that will contribute to the solution. Be the one that comes to them with a solution!


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Leadership From The Bottom


Where Did You Learn Your Leadership Style?

Leading individuals is not hard when things are going well, or in your mind, the way you want them to go. The true test of your leadership ability, your knowledge, rallying the troops, motivating the masses and getting goals, missions and objectives accomplished is when you bring the underdog to the top dog position (ie, Lee Iacocca). It’s when your valor and character are pushed to the wall and you go over the wall.


Great Leaders Are Not Born

Everyone is born with a gift, talent or ability to accomplish. They are  not born with that ability perfected. It must be developed, massaged and honed over time, sometimes years or decades. During this time of refinement, many poor decisions and failures will be had – but the true leader will learn from those decisions and failures and continue to strive toward what they internally know is a greater objective; not just for accolades and self-enrichment but to impact the well-being of many. When this realization has dawned within the individual, is when the Leader is created.


Welcome Change

Many desire to be leaders but disdain being mentored (Mentoring Monday), teachable (Teachable Tuesday), wise (Wisdom Wednesday) not just in business endeavors but specifically in the policing of their own moral compass and personal day-to-day interactions and in seeing the vision (Thought Provoking Thursday). They want to come out of the gate leading the charge but have spent no time in the trenches. Leadership may be innate but must be intentional, sacrificing and cultivated.

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Follow us on Twitter: @scbbe AND @usbbe100

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