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  • Have You Ever Considered Networking Virtually?

    By CL Reed Leaving your home or office to attend a networking event may not always be convenient or economical. There are many ways to network other than just physically attending an ...

  • Rihanna Engaged

    Not like jumping the broom engaged, but social media engaged (connected to her audience). She has mastered connecting on social media and has millions of followers. She utilizes social media ...

  • Networking on a Mission with a Purpose and with Passion!

    4 Reasons Why You Must Network to Grow Your Business By CL Reed Often people view networking face to face negatively because they are introverted or they don’t truly buy into the ...

  • Beyoncé: Five Fabulous Social Media Strategies Used by Queen B

    1. Give your audience what they want Beyoncé posts pictures of herself, family, and gives her audience a glimpse of her work. Her fans engage by liking, commenting, and sharing her ...

  • 5 Ways Kevin Hart Uses Facebook Live to Brand His Business

    Kevin Hart, Ride Along Red Carpet Premiere, Sydney Australia; photo by Eva Rinaldi By Kim Kat Shepherd Owner, The Ultimate Professional Business Training Instructor at University of Riverside California Extension Kevin Hart is an ...

  • 7 Tips on Starting a Business from Scratch

    1. Believe in yourself a. Remember your past WINS! b. DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP!!! c. Write/Say Affirmations (In Present sense “I AM…”) 2. Write and update a business plan a. Start off with a 1 ...

  • 6 Elements of Wealth

    Business Real Estate Precious Metals Annuities Equity Foreign Currency


    Not long ago, there were many trade and technical colleges specifically designed for the Black Community so that at the turn of the century, they could transition from Domestic or railroad ...

  • [VIDEO] WISDOM WEDNESDAY: 5 Areas Of Cash Flow

    What are the 5 areas of cash flow that you should be well versed in? According to KPFK/KCAA radio personality and Publisher/Producer of the Southern California Black Business Expo on ...

  • [VIDEO] Get In Your Community’s Business

    This Is Where You Let Everyone Get In Your Business Southern California Black Business Expo (SCBBE) offers all businesses and community services in the Black Community a complimentary opportunity to list ...

  • [VIDEO] Teachable Tuesday: $

    Point Blank! The Black Community CAN personally and privately be self-sustaining if we were to determine our priorities, pool our resources, re-circulate Black dollars directly back into the Black Community and become self ...

  • Goal Attainment

    Be the Fuel/Fire Someone Needs Toward Their Goal Attainment Many a goal is truly simple in nature yet may seem complex to the outside observer. Even if you personally know that a ...

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