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Incorporate Small Changes to Affect Old Ways

But My Momma Did It This Way

It may seem like a simple small matter but if you took the time to seriously think about it, what cleaning product, food product, appliance or service company do you use? Is your decision not to change to another brand or product based on your satisfaction with the item or are you loyal to a brand because it’s what your parents used? Old ways won’t open new doors and you will never know if something is better if you don’t try it for your self.  We recently asked you to take our Small Change Challenge and share with our readers the Small Change you made and how it impacted you, your life and your Community.


Small Discoveries

Through your small change challenge, what did you discover? We would love to know! What do you know now that you didn’t know then? How can you share that insight with others? In order to be the change that we want to see in our Community, we have to be willing to challenge our current philosophies and beliefs. We need to be willing to let go of our preconceived notions of how things are to be and open our hearts and minds to what could be.  What used to bring about a predictable result may now need to be tweaked or discarded entirely to affect a new thing. Sometimes, things must be totally de-constructed to experience a more beneficial and profitable reconstruction or at the very least, experience a small change to bring about a greater end.


Remaining Small Minded

We at Southern California Black Business Expo and Southern California Black Business Expo on Tour 2015-2016 realize and recognize that we don’t know it all about everything, but we have learned and do know that some of our old ways are small and ineffective and that in order to open new, exciting doors we must engage and listen to our youth as we mentor (Mentoring Monday) them, we must be teachable (Teachable Tuesday), we must be willing to listen to the wisdom (Wisdom Wednesday) of our elders and those that know better and more than we do, we must think (Thought Provoking Thursday) through processes and also provoke our circle of influence to action and through it all, bring our entire endeavor to fruition (Fruition Friday) by practicing what we preach in making small challenges so that we can be the change we want to see in our Community.


Share Your Small Changes

Share some of the small changes you will be taking to be the change you want to see in yourself and your Community with us: ( or



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