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  • [VIDEO] Thought Provoking Thursday – Networking Gold A Slow Dime Beats A Fast Nickel!
  • You’re A Shining Star – No Matter Who You Are
  • [VIDEO] THOUGHT PROVOKING THURSDAY: Trades & Skills Not long ago, there were many trade and technical colleges specifically designed for the Black Community so that at the turn of the century, they could transition from Domestic or¬†railroad Pullman Porter¬†work to that of someone with better hiring opportunities in the age of industry. Unfortunately today, many youth are ...
  • [VIDEO] WISDOM WEDNESDAY: 5 Areas Of Cash Flow What are the 5 areas of cash flow that you should be well versed in? According to KPFK/KCAA radio personality and Publisher/Producer of the Southern California Black Business Expo on Tour 2015-2016, Jerry L. Green – the 5 areas that should be focused on are C.L.E.A.R. REVENUE CATEGORIES
  • [VIDEO] Get In Your Community’s Business This Is Where You Let Everyone Get In Your Business Southern California Black Business Expo (SCBBE) offers all businesses and community services in the Black Community a complimentary opportunity to list their business information, community events and available services in the SCBBE directory. This directory was designed to notify, inform, educate ...